The corporate charter of Corporate Trade Inc. is to offer major companies a powerful and creative business and financial tool, enabling them to maximize the return on the sale of undervalued assets, and thereby increase bottom-line corporate profits.

The current business environment is volatile and full of uncertainties. Corporations are continually attempting to anticipate the dynamics of the marketplace. Despite their best efforts, companies often find themselves buffeted about in a sea of unpredictable economic ebbs and flows.

Corporate Trade Inc. offers a safe harbor.

By incorporating the financial tool of multilateral trading, corporations can realize maximum value on the sale of undervalued assets including: excess product inventories; discontinued products; real estate properties and lease obligations; company product returns; competitive lift out products; unwanted aircraft; bad debt; underutilized plant capacity; and second-generation capital equipment.

Through the vehicle of multilateral trading, Corporate Trade Inc. has the ability to bridge the financial gap between the high book/carrying value of an asset, versus the low real-market value of the asset.

Trading thereby significantly improves a corporation's balance sheet by preventing costly and untimely write-downs.

Corporate Trade Inc. functions as a principal, taking title to the undervalued assets we purchase from our clients. By selling the undervalued asset to Corporate Trade Inc., the corporation receives significantly higher value than they would have received if they sold the assets on a cash-only basis.

Corporate Trade Inc.'s Senior Management Team has extensive industry experience, and world class expertise, in trading, countertrade, corporate finance, procurement, advertising, marketing, mergers and acquisitions and business research that we "leverage" for our corporate clients' financial benefit.

Corporate Trade Inc. is the world's largest international multilateral corporate trading and specialty-finance company. We employ an extensive acquisitions, global sales and services marketing arm to maximize our servicing capabilities to our Fortune 500 clients. Corporate Trade Inc. buys underperforming, excess, underutilized, and problematic assets from companies at book value. The company is then paid in the form of cash and trade, which it applies in lieu of 100% cash, towards media advertising, event sponsorships, and other pre-budgeted corporate expenditures. This system recapitalizes assets at full value and makes the resulting cash available for the company to use to purchase what it needs.

Corporate Trade Inc. provides our corporate clients with the financial means to recapitalize their undervalued corporate assets. Corporate Trade Inc. achieves 100% financial asset recovery (cash and trade) of the undervalued asset, and "bridges the financial gap" in the transaction for our client. Opportunities include:

  • Corporate real estate and commercial leases, brownsfield properties
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy trade claims and delinquent debt portfolios
  • Non-performing loans
  • Off-lease automobile and truck portfolios
  • Used capital equipment
  • Excess product inventories, including discontinued product and retail competitive "liftouts"

Unlike the outdated "barter" business trading models, Corporate Trade Inc. employs a sophisticated financial multilateral trading model that allows each corporate client the flexibility to trade for their exact corporate requirements, rather than be forced to accept what the trading company owns. Corporate Trade Inc. 's trading model provides our Fortune 500 clients with a mainstream financial currency that is used by virtually all of the world's major corporations.

Corporate Trade Inc. is the only trading company in the world endorsed by The World Business Advisory, which is sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.