Media placement can be expensive. But, by utilizing Corporate Trade Inc.'s multilateral trading model, our clients are able to acquire television, radio, magazine, newspaper, and Internet advertising all over the world without significant cash outlays. Specifically, your media trade is implemented and tailored to the exact media plan originally approved by you and your agency. Advertising agency commissions are preserved because the placement is at net. See more information on Corporate Trade Inc.'s media and advertising trade model and our asset recovery programs fact sheet.

Golf and Athletic Event Corporate Sponsor Program

Each year, $11 billion in sporting event sponsorships raise the profile of corporate sponsors. However, traditionally, this exposure came at a high cost. Corporate Trade Inc. offers its clients the opportunity to become a corporate sponsor without investing additional cash. Sell Corporate Trade Inc. your excess inventory or underperforming asset, thereby earning credits, then apply them to a corporate sponsorship. Event corporate sponsorship opportunities include motorsports, golf, concert tours, and stadium/arena naming.

Goods and Services

Trade credits acquired through Corporate Trade Inc. can be applied to the acquisition of goods and services that your company needs for its operations. These goods and services include, but are not limited to, freight, printing, advertising and marketing, event sponsorships, packaging and shipping containers, travel and hospitality services, premiums and promotional items, and retail supplies and displays. Instead of paying 100% cash for these items, use your trade credits acquired through recapitalizing an underperforming asset, to purchase them. As opposed to "barter companies," your purchase of goods and services is not limited to assets Corporate Trade Inc. owns. Corporate Trade Inc. will trade for exactly what you need, not what we own, like a barter company would.